Gavin Blue OAM, Truck Photographer


Anyone can photograph a truck.

But Gavin has the rare talent of being able to capture the story behind the machine.

That is why Gavin’s photographs are exceptional - grabbing your attention whether they’re in a magazine, an advert, a brochure or a website. 

His photos don’t just show you a truck; they tell you what makes that truck special.

Based in Melbourne, Gavin has years of experience travelling across Australia to photograph outstanding vehicles as well as the people who own and drive them.

His clients include the major manufacturers, dealerships, national transport firms and small operators.

Because of his industry knowledge and familiarity with trucks Gavin regularly works alone, confidently controlling the shoot and manoeuvering trucks and people to ensure he gets the photos which perfectly fit his clients’ needs.

It means shoots are organised easily, happen faster and cost less.

Whether it’s shooting quarry tippers in the freezing rain, road trains in the red centre or short haul rigids making deliveries in the suburbs, Gavin’s skill, experience and rare ability guarantee excellent results every single time.


Companies Worked With

Volvo Trucks, Redstar Transport, Australia Post, Mercedes Trucks, Linfox, Williamson Bros, Scania Trucks, Western Star, MAN, FBT Transwest, Greyhound Bus, XTrans, Camerons, Gommers Transport, Toll, SUPAGAS, Wettenhall Logistics, Silk Logistics, Viking Transport, 1st Fleet, Lantrak, Rex J Andrews Engineered Transport, Sargeant Transport, Scott's Transport and many more