Honoured to be included in Volvo Visionaries

As some of you may know, I have worked with Volvo Trucks for many years. They are very dear to me, on a personal and professional level. Earlier this year they asked me to meet with them, and I was attending this meeting on the understanding it was about upcoming shoots.

I was very touched and surprised when they told me that the meeting was actually about the work I do with Heartfelt, and they wanted to know if I would be willing to participate in the making of a short film about Heartfelt.

They wanted to tell Heartfelt's story through me, and honour me as "Volvo Visionary".

The concept of Volvo Visionaries is all about celebrating, thanking and honouring the extraordinary and the visionary amongst the Volvo community. Those who have overcome personal challenges, have challenged the status quo and have pushed themselves, and others, to expect more.

I was deeply touched to be one of the 3 people acknowledged that night

Gavin Blue, Heartfelt President

(The films were beautifully made by Tex Whitney productions)